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Brothers in Arms


Dialectical Journals
Study Guide

      I titled my All Quiet on the Western Front literary portfolio "Brothers in Arms." It represents the theme "Unity Among Soldiers." I thought of the title after reading the end of chapter five in the book. Paul describes, as he and Kat roast goose over a fire, that they are brothers through the war.
      For the picture on the main page I decided to put a loaf of bread. I found it and a picture of a wooden table on google images and did my best to photoshop them together to look like bread sitting on a table. Bread had a big part in the book. Despite the fact that the bread- actually most of the food the soldiers got- was not very tasty, they still ate it with pleasure. Most foods looked good to the soldiers under their conditions in the trenches because they were almost starving. The food supply was often short which made the soldiers glad to see anything at all and would eat it as if it were a luxurious meal. So, to match with this, I put down my quote as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If I was given the same kind of meal the soldiers had to eat I would probably feed it to an animal and cook something better from my freezer. In the soldiers' eyes, though, their meals were probably a beautiful thing to see. Taste, whether it seemed good or bad to them, probably didn't matter when they needed to satisfy their stomachs and their bodies so much.