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Brothers in Arms
Dialectical Journals
Study Guide


1.       Snake Eater

2.       Bohemian Rhapsody

3.       Das Lied der Deutschen

4.       Where is the love?

5.       Civil War

6.       Bombs over Baghdad

7.       This Means War

8.       Mad World



Snake Eater is the main theme from a war videogame. It has many lyrics that, even if they aren’t intended to, can relate to All Quiet on the Western Front very well. Some of them describe how the soldiers died meaninglessly for the country. It describes what crimes they commit for the country. It describes some of the suffering they have to deal with.

Bohemian Rhapsody was a weird one. I don’t know how I thought of such a weird song to relate to a war story, but it actually does well. It describes a man who has to leave home, alienated. And what that he suffers because he has killed. He is stuck were he goes and wants to come back home, just like the soldiers on the front.

Das Lied der Deutschen doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the war but it was good to deal with nationalism, especially since it is the German national anthem.

Where is the love. This song talks about the causes and pains of war. If people wouldn’t be greedy and would set aside their differenced people wouldn’t have to go through a devastating experience like World War I.

Civil War is good to describe the cruelty of war. Even though it isn’t talking about World War I it does a good job in explaining some of the things that soldiers were forced to do on the front.

Bombs over Baghdad is good for its description of how bombs felt and how they affect people who are being attacked by them.

This Means War is about World War I and refers to some of the horrors that soldiers were put through on the front.

Mad World describes the pain and suffering that people felt who were affected by the war.