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Brothers in Arms
Open Mind
Dialectical Journals
Study Guide

I began my open mind by drawing four heads and turning them into characters. Then I drew the bodies. Since Kemmerich was dead at the beginning of the story I drew him naked with “death” and skull on his chest. Next to him I drew Paul standing strait in his uniform with a solemn appearance. I drew Himmelstoss next to Paul in uniform but missing his pants, representing the time where Paul and his friends jumped him. And behind Himmelstoss I drew a new recruit with his arm torn off. He represents the new recruits who didn’t know what they were doing and got themselves killed. After that I drew a whole bunch of different things. I drew Kemmerichs boots and his watch. I drew a loaf of bread with a bite taken out of it and wrote “RIP KAT” since there wasn’t any more room to draw him. I drew a heart and a peace sign with question marks in them which are asking “Why don’t we have peace? Why can’t we just get along?” I drew a rat because they caused a lot of hard times among the soldiers. I drew the French soldier’s wallet. I drew a gun, a shell hole, an explosion, a grenade, a red cross, and a saw bayonet. All these had their own part in the story.