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Brothers in Arms

All Quiet on the Western Front movie poster

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The All Quiet on the Western Front movie poster took me three and a half hours to complete. It's has a pretty basic design and I wanted to put more on it but I ran out of time and space. The cool thing about it is that I used pretty much only glue and paper. I only used pen when drawing the people and some permanent marker to put some shades I in. Since it's all made from scrap paper it looks like of like an artistic collage. I tried to make the appearance of a trench and the rough soil it was built in. I put a dead soldier leaning against the wall on one side to show the brutality. I tried to use darker colors to make the battlefield look gloomy. If I had had more time and materials I would have probably added a bomb explosion, and maybe I could have figured out a way to add more terrain and show an enemy gun turret shooting toward the Germans and some shell holes. Besides that I put my best work into this project.