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Brothers in Arms
Character to character letter
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I have just come from a giant war; a war similar to the one that destroyed your city. Now that I am out of the war I have nothing to do but to think. And so I have thought about you. I thought about you because you and I are the same. We are, or were, both in a position surrounded by death and pain. For me it was the war. My comrades, but more importantly, my brothers and friends, are all dead. Every one of us was picked off by that war. It was painful to go through. Actually, there aren't even words to describe the pain that I feel when I remember it. When I go back home I am not home. I am in a strange foreign place that is reminiscent of home. You are in the same situation. Your friends are dead, your family is dead, and your city no longer exists. I can imagine what it must have felt like coming over the top of Mt. Gagazet and seeing your entire city as a pile of ruins. You can see your home, your favorite park, your favorite stadium. It's all there but it isn't what it used to be. That's what it feels like for me. My home feels like a ruin. It will never be restored.
We are brothers because we share similar experiences. We share the same anger, pain, and sorrow. I hope you really understand what I mean. We will meet soon and then we can talk.

Paul Baumer.

I had a hard time choosing a character that I wanted Paul to write to because there aren't many other characters out there that have stories like Paul's. I brain stormed for about twenty minutes; going through all sorts of random stories. I least expected it, but the main character from Final Fantasy X, out of all the stories I could think of, seemed to fit closest. Like Paul he was taken away from everything and couldn't go back. He also like Paul, he was near death all the time. Not in the same way as Paul, but his friends died around him in the end. They ended up matching alright.